Beyond the Loading Screen is an online resource for gaming news, reviews, opinions and general chit-chat.

Having been bought a Sega Master System back in the 80s, I have always been a massive fan of video games. Since then, as the consoles, game developers and fans have become more sophisticated I remain an advocate for the argument that, yes, video games are a form of art.

The inspiration for Beyond the Loading Screen came from a realisation that many of the larger mainstream gaming publications tend to have an almost throw-away culture when it comes to talking about games. Once a game has been reviewed it is seldom heard of again unless featured on coveted ‘Top 10 of the Year’ lists.

That’s where the idea behind Beyond the Loading Screen was born; as a way to slow down and smell the two million pixel roses. The blog aims to take the time to show appreciation for games both new and old and focus on the long-term appeal of a video game.