Last week I was invited down to Pinewood Studios for the media launch of Get Even, Bandai Namco’s upcoming first-person thriller due to be released on the 26th May, with my review initially scheduled to be published today.

However, in light of the horrific attack that took place in Manchester on Monday evening, the publisher has decided to push back the commercial release of the game to the 23rd of June. In a statement sent out yesterday, a representative of the company commented:

“Given recent events and out of respect for the families affected by this, we have decided to postpone the commercial release of Get Even to 23rd June. We would like to express our deepest condolences to everyone concerned.”

Based on an initial preview of the game, Get Even looks to defy genres and includes nods to various types of games including; stealth, story-driven narrative, FPS and psychological thriller. You play as an amnesiac who is looking to piece together fragments of his memories with the help (?) of a secret organisation and a device known as the ‘Pandora’.

Bandai Namco’s decision to push back the release of the game seems the right thing to do out of respect for those affected by Monday’s tragedy. For those that have seen previews, you’ll know that there is a recurring sequence showing the lead protagonist attempt to rescue a young girl who has a bomb strapped to her chest. In addition, most of the game’s trailers build to a climatic end accompanied by just the sound of a ticking clock which many suspect is the sound of the bomb. Releasing the game during a time like this would be in poor taste on Bandai Namco’s part so I am in favour of postponing the release until next month.

Get Even will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. My full review of the game will be published on the 21st June when the review embargo has been lifted.

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