It seems these days there are subscription boxes for everything. Whether you love cheese, wine or have a desire to receive a regular delivery of mystery meat, there is someone out there who is more than happy to send you a monthly box full of goods to feed your addiction.

For those that have read this blog before, you’ll know my addiction is video games and when I was given the opportunity to try out Loot Crate’s LootGaming box, I jumped at the chance.

LootGaming is a monthly subscription box from Loot Crate that offers a curated collection of gaming collectables, apparel and gear from some of the biggest and renowned video game franchises in the world. The box I received was the ‘Wild’ edition which included kit from The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Pitfall and World of Warcraft.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild T-Shirt


I admit I’ve never been a huge fan of the Zelda series and in fact, I’ve only played one of the early games before committing fully to the PlayStation. However, that being said, I love this shirt. Many of the items included in Loot Crates are officially licensed exclusives and with that comes high quality. No Fruit of the Loom shit here!

Metal Gear Solid D-Dog Plush

Appearing in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, D-Dog is one of my favourite gaming companions. Having lost his eye as a pup, this plush is super soft and detailed; featuring the hound’s trademark eyepatch.

World of Warcraft Reversible Beanie


Despite the sun beginning to shine and the need to keep your ears warm diminishes, this item will come in handy when the colder months inevitably return. It’s also reversible and features emblems for the Alliance and Horde Factions so you can choose your allegiance.

Pitfall! Canteen

For gamers like me that enjoy a blast from the past and occasionally like to venture outside, this item is perfect. The canteen feels solid and features artwork and branding from the original 1980s game for those retro hikers.


In addition to the items above, each crate also comes with an exclusive poster and pin which are probably the two items I was less enthused about. This month’s pin kept in line with the overall theme with a simple but effective compass design. Whereas the poster featured the artwork of an unspecified character (though, I’m assuming Link from Zelda) facing off with a ferocious bear.


Overall, I enjoyed the items in the ‘Wild’ crate. One of the problems I’ve had in the past with subscription boxes of a similar ilk is that the collectables inside are often too generic and not specific to my interests. However, the LootGaming crate had items from franchises I at least knew well enough to appreciate. Whilst I would have liked to see a Horizon Zero Dawn themed item in the crate, particularly seeing as it was released around the same as the ‘Wild’ crate, I liked the diversity of franchises featured.

Each item feels really well made too. With some subscription boxes, the products can look cheap or feel as if they’re made from poor materials. The Zelda t-shirt was a clear standout with its high-quality material and hand painted-esque graphic. I also really enjoyed the Pitfall! canteen and can imagine that as the summer months approach it will get plenty of use.

Loot Crate has just launched its UK HQ and crates start at around £25. To check out their range of crates, including the LootGaming box, visit

Please note: I was supplied with the February ‘WILD’ crate for the purpose of this review. However, my opinions are 100% honest.


  1. You’ve received some nice items here. The ‘ fruit of the loom’ comment made me laugh as i only recently heard about them via Amazon when i was looking for a Dexter shirt for my partner .

    I’m not subscribed to anything of these sorts but as an admirer of games I can appreciate the collectable delights one may have. I do want some Funko pop merchandise of you are familiar with them. Not sure which character yet.


    • Unfortunately, I’m well experienced with Fruit of the Loom shirts and don’t think any have survived one wash without being shrunk!
      There are some cool items featured though and usually I do find these type of boxes very general.
      I love the pop figures! I only have one which was a gift but one of my friends has a minor addiction to them!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh I’m sorry to hear. Yes they didn’t seem that great and were fairly cheap probably for a good reason so It’s good I can avoid it now.

        Heh yes I’d like to collect them all too as they look very quirky but they are also quite expensive unfortunately.


  2. Fun looking box but Wowza on the pricing.

    Our lootcrates in the US are only $12 + Shipping.
    So they make perfect gifts for our nephews.

    The problem is with every new crate they come out
    with just means they spread the “good loot” over
    multiple brands. Also a lot of the products are plastic
    made in China, which is a huge issue if you are
    environmentally conscious. Opening a crate & 50%
    is just packaging that goes into the garbage is
    quite upsetting, since the items are already packed.

    Lootcrate is a good product but has serious room for
    improvement going forward. We prefer the collectibles,
    cheaply made printed t-shirts just aren’t our thing. We
    prefer sustainable/ ethically sourced clothing options.


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