How is Sonic 25 years old? It seems only yesterday I was firing up the Master System to defeat Dr. Robotnik and free the animal inhabitants of South Island that had been imprisoned by machines. Yet, it turns out everybody’s favourite speedy hedgehog is a quarter of a century old.

To commemorate this milestone, SEGA Europe has partnered with fine art publisher, Washington Green, to produce a collection of pieces to celebrate Sonic’s 25th anniversary. When you think of Sonic, you don’t instinctively think of high-brow art but the collection promises  a diverse range of original works “executed through a number of mediums and creative styles, including sculpture, painting and mixed media”.

The collection will be unveiled at an exclusive VIP gallery launch on December 1 at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair, London before opening to the public the following day across Washington Green’s 34 Castle Fine Art galleries across the UK. To find your nearest gallery check here.

As a lifelong Sonic fan this announcement has left me excited and I will definitely be heading down to the London gallery in December to check out the exhibition.

With future games in the works, it seems Sega are putting a lot of work into breathing some new life into the Sonic franchise that has been met with harsh (yet fair) criticism in recent years. However, Sega seems to be taking things back to basics in 2017 as Sonic Mania is set to bring the character back in the 2D platforming world. Let’s hope it’s a return to form for the gaming icon.

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