Full disclosure: as a PS4 fan I was one of those players irked by Square Enix when they announced Rise of The Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive in 2014. Of course everyone pretty much knew it would simply be a timed-exclusive, meaning it would come out on other platforms eventually.

For me the exclusivity was never about a console war between Xbox and PS fans. With one side of the argument talking about how many consoles had been sold and another barking on about being for more “serious players”. I grew up playing Tomb Raider since it was first released on PS1 in 1996. It was one of the first modern franchises that I felt fully invested in and have stuck with it throughout the highs (Tomb Raider 2) and the lows (The Angel of Darkness). For a game that largely built its following on Playstation to then completely alienate that following, that’s what left a bitter taste. This bitter taste was also intensified by the fact that the 2013 had completely given the franchise new life and part of me felt this new-found popularity was being exploited with the die-hard fans losing out. As much as I love Tomb Raider, I definitely wasn’t going to invest in another console just to play it.

So, here we are just over a year since the original release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox and it has finally come out on Playstation. Whilst Square Enix’s decision making still baffles me (and I’m not weighing in on if I think the timed exclusive favoured or damaged the franchise) I am willing to forgive them if the game lives up to the legacy and excitement that was left behind with the 2013 reboot.

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers and in-depth reviews so I’m looking forward to going in mostly blind. Check back at the weekend when I’ll be giving my initial thoughts on the game!

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