So this is it, my first blog post. My slice of the internet where I aim to talk about everything gaming; whether it be reviews, news, top five lists or cynical ramblings of a mad man.

Why did I decide to start a blog that focuses on gaming? With so many hugely successful outlets already talking about similar topics it would seem fruitless to even consider starting a blog in 2016 right? Yet, at the back of my mind there has always been that voice. You see I actually subscribe to many of those outlets I previously mentioned and am, for all intents purposes, considered their “target audience”.  However, a lot of the time when reading their content I ask myself: is this aimed at me?

I’ve realised that many of those blogs and websites tend to write about games they think I should be playing or should care about. When they do cover games I care about the coverage is often so fast they’ve moved onto the next handful of games within moments. Of course that isn’t the publications’ fault; the news cycle is so fast they’re just trying to keep up with the constant demand for new content on the latest games.

That’s where the idea behind ‘Beyond the Loading Screen’ was born. As a way to slow down and smell the two million pixel roses. This blog aims to take the time to show appreciation for games both new and old. There will be some regular features and throwbacks to some of the first games I ever played but also some that may only be a few months old but largely forgotten by the mainstream outlets who reviewed them upon release.

Thanks to anybody reading this. I appreciate any comments, feedback or recommendations of games that you think are worth checking out!


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